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Ranked #1 in Total Non-Journal Readership – Custom Mail and Co-op Mail(1)

Complement your e-Pharm/alert® tactics with the effective reach of Pharm/alert® Direct Mail

  • RECALL/AWARENESS: In a recent independent study, 91% of pharmacists surveyed recalled receiving at least one e-Pharm/alert® within the last 90 days.(2)
  • TRUSTED: 72% are more apt to open and read relevant information contained in a branded Pharm/alert® Direct Mailer than one solely sponsored by a pharmaceutical company.(2)
  • EFFECTIVE UTILIZATION: 78% indicated they typically read through the contents for relevant/important information, 50% share contents with colleagues and 31% file select items for future reference.(2)
  • PEER RECOMMENDATION: 70% would recommend Pharm/alert® to a colleague.(2)

Two great options: Co-op and/or Custom Mail...

ONE: Cooperative Pharm/alert® Mailer (Shared mailer)

TWO: Custom Pharm/alert® Mailers

Pharm/alert Audience Segmentation

Chain Pharmacies Independent Pharmacies Health System Pharmacies
Pharmacies that purchase centrally Independent pharmacies Hospital Pharmacy Directors & Chief Pharmacists
Central warehousing chain executives & buyers Wholesaler executives & buyers Formulary Directors & Chair Persons
Central warehousing chain request list Independent buying pharmacies Consultant Pharmacists
Rx departments in mass merchandisers, supermarkets, discounts, variety stores Independent executives & buyers Long-term care pharmacies
  Independent pharmacist request list HMO & PPO executives
    Group purchasing organizations
    Hospital pharmacist request list

(1)Kantar Media, Annual Non-Journal Media Study (Print & Email combined), 2016
(2)Jobson Research, Annual Pharmacist Study, November 2016