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M.D. /alert®

Digital Engagement, Email and Custom Mail

e-M.D./alert® Email

  • Physician trusted and recommended*
  • Expert advice and counsel on content
  • A/B subject line and pre-header text testing**
  • Responsive design/mobile optimization
  • Comprehensive metrics provided including open rates, click-through and click-to-open rates

M.D./alert® Custom Mail

  • Gain direct access to the practice – important materials are read, filed and shared with other colleagues*
  • Customize front and back of envelope
  • Leverage M.D./alert® branding or customize to Specialty, e.g. Oncology/alert®, Diabetes/alert®, Rheumatology/alert®, etc.
  • Ideal for Launches, Formulary Announcements, Savings Cards, Sample Requests, New Clinical Studies and much more...

Use both Email and Custom Mail to complement your non-personal communication tactics

  • Email messages are targeted directly to individual physicians
  • Custom Mail is delivered to targeted physician office locations

Disease Education Center Microsites

  • Custom microsites with original editorial content aligned to your media objectives
  • 100% on-list precision targeting and guaranteed campaign engagements
  • Cost-Per-Engagement (CPE) pricing model
  • Optional brand asset integration and distribution offer guaranteed views
  • Behavior-based triggered communications available, including re-engagement emails and message segmentation
  • HCP-level data metrics reporting with complete engagement tracking (time spent, Pathing, unique prescriber identifiers, etc.)

Here's how the user flow works...

Scientific Summaries -
Exclusive Conference Sponsorships

  • Engage with key physicians unable to attend the Conference
  • 100% on-list targeting with guaranteed number of engagements
  • Includes links to key scientific research
  • Optimal environment to distribute your brand ads
  • Up to 100% share of voice and first right of refusal for next year
  • Third party research indicates strong interest across physician specialties*

Use M.D./alert's Digital Engagement, Email and Custom Mail Solutions to surround your target audience

*Research Now Annual Physician Survey data available upon request. **Target audience size will dictate ability to perform tests